The Casa de la Generalitat de Catalunya in Perpignan, which opened in 2003, promotes institutional relations with the region known as North Catalonia in France (Département des Pyrénées-Orientales) and has the following main functions: 

  • Promoting, channelling and driving activities that encourage communication, cultural exchanges, cooperation and support for fostering the Catalan language and culture in the Eastern Pyrenees.
  • Boosting and promoting relations between the institutions of the Principality and those of the Département des Pyrénées-Orientales.
  • Fostering and driving reciprocal institutional and social exchanges across the region.
  • Organising and providing advice on activities related to the dissemination of Catalan culture and tourism, and on social and economic matters.
  • Coordinating and promoting actions to spread awareness of the situation in the cross-border region.
  • Promoting and boosting cross-border relations, exchanges and cooperation projects in the region itself and in collaboration with the competent ministry for foreign affairs.
  • Facilitating actions related to the Administration of the Government of Catalonia and other institutions and organisations with which there is an agreement in place, coordinating the appropriate mechanisms for providing information, guidance and assistance to manage any issues that may be raised by citizens, entities or organisations.

The Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan promotes cooperation between Catalans in the north and those in the south in every facet of social and economic life, coordinating its actions around three main areas: support for local cross-border projects, the dissemination of the Catalan language and culture, and economic promotion.